Studio 1907

We passionately wish for you to understand how we create all the products that we sell, for you to completely appreciate the beauty of each finished piece, not just in how it looks but in its exceptional quality.

Realizzazione della Studio 1907

The importance of our team

We show you what actually happens when carefully selected materials and unique designs are handed to our talented team of makers.

Fortuny making of Studio 1907


Every task in our workshop is carried out following a tradition of many years.

Realizzazione della Studio 1907

Gold leaf

Gold, silver, copper and black leaf skilfully applied on the inside shade of each Studio 1907 lamp.

Fortuny making of Studio 1907 production of metal


The choice of materials and finishing products is what enables the Fortuny lamps performance and reliability.

Studio 1907 full range

Discover the full range of Studio 1907 lamps, from the Armilla Table Lamp to the Atelier 63 and the bestseller Studio 76.